the power of ampersand

We are a flexible force of seasoned marketing communications experts. Our combined creative powers create positive change for businesses and organizations. Our services include brand strategy development, product concept development, logo, packaging and collateral design, electronic and print advertising, event marketing, public relations and promotions. The ampersand symbol (&) pays tribute to the fact that collaboration is the secret to powerful creativity and radical breakthroughs. Most of the planet’s greatest advancements were borne through collaboration. When you put the right people together under the right conditions remarkable ideas arise.

The ampersand (&) symbolizes that branding is a blend of science (research) & art (creativity). With us, these two ingredients are never at odds. They are complementary interdependent elements. Like a bat and ball, Penn & Teller, and wine & cheese, research & creative are made for each other. Research is conducted with a creative solution in mind and our creative is developed with the research in mind. Every assignment starts right in the middle, where we set the conditions for research to shape into powerful, evocative creative solutions.